Defending England Against the English Defence League

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who will guard the guards themselves?

Juvenal, 1st Century AD.

Who will defend us from our ‘defenders’? Some would have us believe that the most immediate threat to our liberty comes from militant Islamicists. Yet we see our own embryonic police state try to shackle us with ID cards and repressive laws, all in the name of our ‘defence’. We witness our rulers weave whole webs of lies to justify sending our sons to perish in the flames of futile wars in far off lands. And all the while the rich grow richer at our expense. Wealthy tax exile newspaper proprietors point their front page fingers of outrage at impoverished migrant workers or asylum seekers, while their friends in the city laugh their way to the banks they own. And now with our backs turned, distracted by racism and xenophobia, we face the prospect of loosing the last institutions of our welfare state, as well as our job, homes and rights to retire on a livable pension.

They always invent some ‘outsider’ to take the blame so we were blinded to the real parasites who ride upon our backs. Now we awake to find that our country, the land and the people, being destroyed by greedy bankers and bosses, aided by their corrupt politicians. For centuries they have robbed and exploited the hardworking people of these lands, but our history is of a thousand years of proud rebellion. Yet this history is stolen from us and buried. Instead the arrogant yarns of vain and murderous kings and queens and their empires of blood usurp our true story. Fed only this, some are ashamed, while others raucously bray ‘rule britania’ and wave their plastic flag, their st georges cross made in china, clutching the faintest shred of a manufactured heritage and nostalgia.

Learn the great tales of the English peoples fight for freedom! From Watt Tyler of the 1381 peasants revolt, the list continues ever on, from Robin Hood, to Ned Ludd, Captain Swing, to the Chartists, the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the Suffragettes. It continues to this very day, with 2009’s striking workers who empty the bins and post the letters for their bitter low pay. Down the centuries we have clawed and hewn what freedoms we have for ourselves. Were it not for these battles, we would still work 18 hour days for subsistence pay, women would not have the vote and children would still be up chimneys, while the old and sick would be refused care. Instead of the NHS we would have the workhouse.

It was never histories fascist bootboys who lead these struggles, the EDL’s ancestors were always the thugs and hirelings of the rulers. Like Orwells 1984, where the rulers always needed a perpetual enemy and a perpetual war to keep their populations in line, so with the end of the Cold War against Soviet Union, our rulers needed new enemy, a new war to keep us paranoid and docile. So now, ‘Islam’ is demonised. Enter former US foreign policy tool and Cold War CIA asset Osama like Bin Laden and the spectacle of terror.

And opportunist fascistic politicians like Nick Griffin and the BNP switch from demonising Jews, gays and blacks to join the new bandwagon, making Muslims the prime scapegoats of street violence and poisonous electoral propaganda. Now gangs of football hoologans and National Front veterans try to become a street fighting force with the EDL, pretending to defend us from the Islamicist threat. But people can see that the real threat comes from those who would claim to protect us.

Right wing Islamist groups and right wing British Fascist groups both threaten our freedoms.  But Muslims are an increasingly persecuted and vulnerable minority in Britain and the West. One group of authoritarian extremists pretend to speak in the name of a minority population, the other group of authoritarian extremists pretend to speak in the name of us, the majority population. Islamist extremists are a tiny minority, rejected by the moderate majority of Muslims. Only a deluded fantasist would imagine they can come to power here, and threaten our liberties. Before the second world war, crazy right wingers spoke of Europe’s minority Jewish population as threatening to take over Europe. But the Jews were not a threat, but a victim. It is clear that the BNP and other xenophobic nationalist movements like the EDL pose much more of a threat to our liberty in Britain than any Islamist could! We need to defend ourselves against our  ‘defenders’!

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One response to “Defending England Against the English Defence League

  1. Brian B

    I would like to no more about english history… who was watt tyler? why dont they teach this in schools ?

    i agree that the greedy rich are the real problem we need to fight

    but we will prob not win coz they are to powerfull … thats why edl pick on moslems … beacuse they are an easy target for casual gangs

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