Corus: Occupy! Nationalise! Save Jobs! We still need steel for the green new deal!

Breaking news:

Corus to axe 1, 700 jobs on Teeside.

A massive blow to the North east, and a damming indictment of new labour, who are presiding over the final destruction of industry in this land.


Occupy to prevent closure?!! Yes!

What the Visteon and vestas workers did, now needs to happen on a grand scale on Teeside. Such a titanic battle could galvanise the working class in Britain and even tip the balance of class forces.

Re-Nationalise it!

As Keith Hazlewood, national officer of the GMB told the press: “What a terrible contrast between the 1,700 workers losing their jobs on Teesside and the multimillionaire bankers continuing to gorge themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.”

And we need steel for the green new deal! What else are wind turbine towers to be made from?

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