Video from Anti-EDL protest in Bolton.

This is a great video, capturing the spirit of the UAF anti-fascist demo in Bolton. It deserves a wider audience.

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    A picture tells a thousand words….

Take a look at this photo below. This shows where we are headed, the kind of society England is becoming unless we turn the situation around. The picture shows a group of young male EDL ‘warriors’ wearing masks who appear to be intimidating a lone young Muslim woman on a train. This picture has horrible resonances across history. Anyone who has studied the history of Jewish peoples experiences in pre-WW2 Europe will shudder.

English Defence League intimidate a young Muslim woman on train en route from Bolton to their protest march in Manchester, Jan 2010. Photo source: Daily Mail

Photo source here

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EDL exposed! You know how EDL bosses swear blind that the EDL is a liberal multiracial organisation focused solely against islamicist extremism? Well a random trawl through EDL facebook pages will of course provides loads of evidence to the contrary. You can find hundreds of comments like the one below, pasted every day. Its sick.

EDL racists

so the EDL are not racist?



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18 responses to “Video from Anti-EDL protest in Bolton.

  1. Ross Crispin

    Nice try, but this is so awful it’s unbelievable.

    Anyone to believe these are legits are fucking stupid.

    UAF does not represent the working class considering most them are all middle class wannabe anarachist/communists because it gives them a label.

    You’ll grow out of your immaturity one day.

  2. barrykade

    Dear Ross,

    Would you like to clarify your comment “Anyone to believe these are legits are fucking stupid”.

    Believe what are ‘legits’?

    I presume you are either questioning the the truth of the photo of the EDL warriors bravely intimidating the Muslim woman on the train or the screen captures on facebook?

    Wake up mate. Facebook is crawling with EDL supporters making overtly racist comments. You can find dozens like this every day, if you have the stomach for it. You must be really naive if you think this does not go on, or to convince yourself its all fabricated. Dream on your little dream, that the EDL is squeaky clean, that none of its supporters are racists at all!

    You may fool yourself, but you aint fooling the rest of us.

  3. tim

    A picture tells a thousand words….

    You do realise that that picture is photoshopped don’t you Barry?

  4. tim

    Oh yea and that the screen shot from the EDL group on facebook is from a troll site and not from the official English Defence League group Facebook page?

  5. barrykade

    No, I don’t think that picture is photoshopped. It was taken by the well known photojournalist Angela Catlin,and has appeared in print, in the Daily Mail (which is not my favorite newspaper!). The Daily mail is hardly a left wing paper.

    You can see it used by them here:

    I doubt if the Mail would get away with openly fabricating evidence.

    I have issues with the Daily mail, and they often slag the left off, but i wouldnt be such a paranoid conspiracy theorist that i would accuse them of fabricating photo’s.

    This just shows that you may be determined to hold on to your opinions in the face of evidence.

    Its not that hard to accept that the EDL:
    a) is 99% composed of young white men, many of them from football firms.
    b) travel on trains
    c) wear EDL ‘uniforms’ (hoodies) and masks.
    d) sitting and standing around a Muslim women dressed like that might be intimidating.

    You don’t believe that sort of thing can happen in Britain today? Really?

    OK. But I think you are trying too hard to hold on to one point of view, without accepting all the evidence to the contrary.

  6. barrykade

    And with the facebook stuff – I’ve visited dozens of pages of EDL supporters on facebook, and found the use of BNP logo’s, white supremacist symbols, racist statements and more. You cant have looked very hard. Maybe you choose to overlook this?

    If you continue to doubt, then I will do another blog post with screenshots of EDL supporters pages.

    I’m not claiming everyone in the EDL is a racist. But a significant proportion are. I would not stand shoulder to shoulder with these people. And I definitely would watch my back with some of them!

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Tim. Its not a pretty world.

  7. tim

    nope I just think you live in a bit of a fantasy world tbh.

    You spent your life being political and going on demo’s. You are the same as us people you call football firms. Don’t deny you love the buzz of it.

    You are no different.

    How was University?

    Give me examples of how you relate to the working class and I will give your opinions on the subject a bit more credibility.

  8. barrykade

    Give me examples of how you relate to the working class…

    er … by talking to my workmates, friends, neighbours, drinking partners …


  9. tim

    you are about as working class as my dog.

  10. barrykade

    Woof! Well my dog works hard, as the poor rabbits know to their cost. In fact, i consider my dog to be a fully fledged member of the working class and a most trusted comrade.

    What social class am I? Well I’m hardly a toff – I left a big state comprehensive when I was 16 and started a manual job the next morning. I have educated myself, and read tons of books on history and politics – I read all the time. But I only got a degree when I was a mature student in my 30’s.

    It depends on whether by working class you mean manual workers only, or people who work with pens and computers as well!

    My only income is my wage, and I am a member of a trades union to to defend this by collective action and bargaining. I don’t own shares or any other property to live from (not even a house). I’m therefore not a capitalist or a rentier or an employer. I’m no ones boss, not even a line manager and I don’t hire and fire. What class does that leave?

    What do you think the modern working class looks like? Yes, there are different sections of the working class, skilled and unskilled, white collar and manual, employed and unemployed. There are those of us in new industries and those in the devastated former manufacturing industries and areas. There are different levels of education and literacy. But we are still all the working class.

    If we can overcome the game of divide and rule and unite, we might have the power make society somewhat better for the working class majority whom all the politicians ignore these days.

  11. wozcat

    no immigration, no problem.. a percentage of the EDL SDL WDL and UDL, are young lads who know nothing about the cause the older more educated edl lads are fighting for.. but these young edl boys will grow and when they reach 28 their brains will be fully developed.. its all come a little to quik for some, a little to long for others, the message seems quite clear to me what is going on,, like you have read all those books barry, i also have been working tirelessly to get to the bottom of what is going on .. i support the edl.. righty or wrongly, i beleive, it will only be a movement of people, that will make the government listen to me and millions like me, i am apposed to immigration on high levels, and seemingly so are millions of others in this land..if you put immigration on the scales, and the side effects of immigration, on the other side, i can honestly say i see them weighing down on the side effects, so why we need immigration….the immigration argument is as bent as a two bob bit…
    You say “This shows where we are headed, the kind of society England is becoming unless we turn the situation around” many people said the same thing when immigration started to get out of control,enoch gave a simalar warning using a different rhetoric, what do you advise me to do… all ears…and so are millions of others, now before you answear, lest we not forget the 3rd islamic global movement… that is a direct threat to the world…and as real as im sitting here typing this out, im not against you bernie, im just looking for more answears. you know, when i see things like my union jack being burnt upon a british street, by a muslim with a headscarf on, spewing hatred towards me and my family, my kids, im going to go into defence mode, raw end is, if we had never had immigration we would never of had immigration issues, and my do we have them now..

  12. barrykade

    Thanks for your opinions, Wozcat.

    Firstly, unlike yourself, the EDL officially say they do not get involved in anti-immigration politics, they only focus on ‘militant Islam’. I don’t believe them, and maybe your statement as an EDL supporter is more revealing of the truth here.

    While the EDL don’t allow themselves to speak about immigration, lets allow ourselves to address the key question head on here. The question is:

    ‘What political stance on the question of immigration is in the interests of the working classes in Britain?’

    You mention Enoch Powell. Lets look at his history. He makes an exemplary case study in ruling class hypocrisy. In 1956, Powell spoke out against imposing controls on immigration. He was in favor of unlimited immigration from the former British empire. When he was minister of health in the early 1960’s, he actively recruited immigrant labour from the West Indies to act as nurses and ancillary workers for the NHS. There were labour shortages, and Asian and West Indian workers filled the lower paid jobs that most white people did not want. Powell brought them over!

    Powell was also a right wing Tory, who hated the trades unions and the working classes. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, he was quite happy to use low paid immigrant labour to drive down the wages and conditions of the existing working classes of Britain.

    So why did he change his stance on immigration and make his ‘rivers of blood’ speech in 1968? It was because the capitalist economy was going into crisis in the late 1960’s, and by 1968 the working class was getting militant. Powell saw the solution to worker militancy was to divide the working class, to set white worker against black worker, so that the workers would not unite and confront the bosses about pay or conditions. That why he made his hypocritical ‘rivers of blood’ speech in 1968.

    There is a patten here. Capitalists use immigrant labour to undermine our wages and conditions, and then they also use the immigrant labour as a scapegoat, to deflect anger away from themselves.

    What should the working class response be? Firstly we should not play the capitalist game of scapegoating immigrant workers. They are not to blame, they are just here trying to make a living. Its the capitalists to blame who bring them here. Secondly, making immigrants illegal and calling for stronger border controls is not effective – its actually counterproductive. Migrant workers can always get in, unless you cover all our beaches in razor wire and watch towers. But the more illegal their status, the more vulnerable they are, and the more likely they will accept even worse pay and conditions. Making immigrant workers illegal, as the right wing demands, actually helps make a pool of slave labour with no rights, who will undermine the existing workers even more than before.

    Also, we have several generations of British Citizens who are decendants of Asian and West Indians migrants. People whose grandparents were even born here. These people now have a right to be here, and are here legally. By and large, we have all got on together OK over the past 50 years. There have been no rivers of blood. My community is multiracial and multicultural, and we get on OK. We cannot ‘kick them out’ now.

    So what is the solution? Are there any lessons from British history that can help solve these issues?

    One major example from history is to study the relationship between English and Irish workers in 19th century Britain.

    Historically there have never been any passport or border controls between Ireland and England. But there have been massive differences in wealth and culture between the two countries. In the 1840’s, British rule in Ireland had lead to a famine and mass starvation there. Millions of Irish people fled all over the world, with significant numbers coming to Britain. This was similar to poor people fleeing poverty in the third world today, and migrating to richer countries in Europe.

    The Irish in Britain were portrayed as inferior beings, like black people, and were subject to a form of anti-irish racism and discrimination. They were also seen as members of a dangerous and alien religion – Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholics in Protestant Britain used to be banned and persecuted. They were seen as dangerous supporters of foreign catholic powers during the wars with catholic countries like Spain and France.

    The suspicion of Irish Catholic migrant workers in 19th century Britain was similar to the suspicion of Asian Muslim workers in Britain today.

    In the 19th century, the conflict between the English and Irish working classes was far worse than any conflict we see around Islam and racism today. In the north west of England, where I live, there were separate catholic and Protestant villages and settlements. There were frequent mass gang fights between them, involving guns and many deaths. In some cities, Irish immigrants made up over 20 – 30% of the population – making up a bigger proportion of immigrant descended communities than we have today.

    Furthermore, Irish workers were used by the capitalists as scabs, to break strikes and undermine conditions. When English workers went on strike the bosses would ship in a boatload of starving Irish workers.

    So how did we overcome these divisions and problems? Did we drive the Irish workers out, or march against their churches?

    No, the problem was solved by building the trades unions. The unions united English and Irish workers – Protestant and Catholic – in a common struggle for better wages and conditions for all.

    The most famous example was the 1889 Dockers strike. The dock bosses would hire people on a daily basis. Workers would have to stand on the dock, and see if the bosses picked them. Competition was intense, and drove down the pay to starvation levels. Rivalry and division between English and Irish dockers was used by the bosses to weaken both.

    But in 1889, all the dockers united and went on strike – English Protestant and Irish Catholic together.

    This strike formed the backbone of what became the TGWU (Transport and General Workers Union) – they are now part of the ‘Unite’ union.

    Without the unions and the workers struggles of the late 19th century, we would still be putting our kids up chimneys and our old people in the workhouses. But we, the working classes, clawed and fought our way out of poverty, and became powerful enough to demand the welfare state. that is British working class history. And we could only do this by overcoming deep and bitter divisions of nationality and religion, between English and Irish, Catholic and Protestant.

    If we could overcome these divisions then, and make a better society for the next generations, then we can do the same today, and overcome the divisions between Muslim and White working classes. United, the workers would be powerful force.

    Thats why I think the EDL are taking us in the wrong direction. We need to unite all religions and races for a better world. We need a Working Class Defence League, not an EDL.

  13. barrykade

    I have already replied (post above) to the EDL supporter ‘Wozcat’ with the lengthy comment about the politics of immigration (which I hope he /she takes the time to read and respond to). However, I feel I must also take issue with some of his (or her) more questionable assertions.

    I also write very fast when I’m bothered – so I seem to have written alot here in a few minutes. I hope ‘Wozcat’ reads it – but if not, someone else will. Its a useful exercise for me, as well. Thanks.

    1) “no immigration, no problem”. This is so untrue.
    If there were no immigrants, there would still be capitalism, and its economic crisis with social conflict and problems. And this capitalist society would still need scapegoats, still need some group to single out and blame. If there were no immigrants or Muslims to blame, then the system would find someone else to blame – gays, the unemployed, single mothers etc. Before there were black and Asian immigrant communities, the right wing bullied and blamed the Jews and the Irish. If there were no Jews or Irish they would find another target and cause division and strife.
    (Hey – look at how they have just demonised BA cabin crews as if they are pedophiles or militant jihadists! And these are just the poor guys who bring you the drinks on the plane!). There was slums, poverty and unemployment long before post WW2 black and Asian immigration. In fact poverty, slums and unemployment was worse back then than now.

    2) The response to the photo of the masked and uniformed EDL lads intimidating a Muslim woman on the train. I said “This shows where we are headed, the kind of society England is becoming unless we turn the situation around” “. Wozcat then go on to implicitly blame the Muslim girl for being victimized, just by existing. But the problem in that photo is clearly the EDL blokes, not the Muslim woman, who is quietly minding her own business. ‘Wozcat’ here refers to Powell’s notorious ‘rivers of blood’ diatribe, implying that such horrible situations are the inevitable consequence of having people of different religions, skin colours or ethnicities sharing the same society or train carriage. But that is not the case. In this case an EDL gang is causing the threat. i’ve seen Muslim women on trains hundreds of times. There never seems to be any trouble any trouble like this. Add a gang of masked up EDL lads, and you get this threatening atmosphere for a British Muslim woman. Its the racists who cause the racism. And they should stop – not try to slyly shift responsibility onto their victims.
    42 years after Powell, and those looking forward to a society characterised by ‘rivers of blood’ must be disappointed. Give or take a few rare and isolated incidents, most of the time, we all either get along or coexist. Its only the Islamicist extremists or the EDL and BNP extremists who stir things up. Get rid of them, and the situation might improve.

    3)” lest we not forget the 3rd islamic global movement… that is a direct threat to the world…and as real as im sitting here typing this out”.

    I don’t think that is the case. There is no ‘global Islam’. This is just a myth, in reality Islam is fractured and riven by internal wars and division. For example, Hezbollah and Al Quada are sworn and eternal enemies. The Iranian Islamic regime is bitterly and irreconcilably opposed to the Taliban.
    ‘Global Islam’ only exists in the eyes of Islamicist extremists and Islamophobic extremists. The reality is most of these movements are merely a series of local disputes, each with different causes and solutions. There are some threats, but its important not to exaggerate these. But of course exaggerations and hysteria serve a political agenda.
    In Orwells book ‘1984’, we are shown how states either invent or exaggerate external threats and enemies for domestic reasons, in order to keep the population docile and divided. EDL supporters have fallen for this con trick hook line and sinker. They probably also believed Tony Blair’s lies when he said that Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi dictatorship had weapons of mass destruction capable of hitting England within 45 minutes!
    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not waged in the interests of the British people, but for the geo-strategic interests of the global corporate elites. However, to wage these wars, our rulers have created certain myths and phobias, to keep our support up. Don’t fall for the war propaganda of the New World Order! Keep your mind free from the brainwashing!

    4) Wozcat said: “when i see things like my union jack being burnt upon a british street, by a muslim with a headscarf on, spewing hatred towards me and my family, my kids, im going to go into defence mode”.

    Thats what the repeated use of this image is meant to do – throw you into ‘defence mode’.

    Did you see this happen in front of your own eyes, or was it a photo of a small demo by Islamic extremists in the newspaper or something like that? Yes, burning the flag is provocative – but i dont see the Muslims around here walking around all the time with burning flags! This is a rare event, probably on a small extremist rally, but the media photograph it, and then circulate it, continuing to recycle the image. The same incident becomes an icon, used again and again on right wing blogs and websites to wind you up.
    Google the term “muslim burning union jack”. You get the same image, with the same people, repeated hundreds and hundreds of times.

    This is the same image repeated ad nauseam across BNP, EDL and other Islamophobic blogs and sites worldwide. The same image, from one incident. For example, you can see it used for right wing propaganda….
    (I am breaking the http links to minimise backtraffic. you have to add ‘http://’ to the front of the url and then paste the whole thing into your webbrowser).

    Do you mean this image?
    (add: http://)

    Is this the image you had in mind when you wrote your comment, Wozcat? Of course it might not be, as you explicitly state: “my union jack being burnt upon a british street” and this is a home made union jack being burned on a Pakistani street. But it has been recycled on so many blogs, some claiming its in the UK. Did you have another image in mind?

    Here it is again

    (add: http://),0.jpg

    (Thats from the blog of BNP crank lee john barnes entiltled “uaf-flag-burners” !!!

    The same flag here:

    (add: http://)

    and here …(yawn)…

    (add: http://)

    I can find literally hundred of uses of this very same photo on hundred of right wing anti-Islam blogs, through using google image search.

    This incident apparently happened in Pakistan over the Rushdie affair. This homemade flag was only burned once, some years ago, far away. its not an everyday occurence on Britains streets. But the image is recycled again and again. It is recycled to wind you up, Wozcat.
    Its there to wind you up, its there to scare you and make you angry and brainwash you into thinking that Muslims are always burning the union jack. Perpetually recycled in this way, this one incident in one photo, originally taken far away, might be used to make someone fear, loath or hate every Muslim or person of Pakistani descent they meet on the street.

    Of course you can find more than one flag burning. But 99% of the images are of this one incident, with that homemade union jack in Pakistan. These images are designed to make you angry, throw you into a rage, make you unwittingly accept the agenda of the ‘new world order’.

    There is no limit to the different uses this one image is put. As you can see, the BNP’s chief crank Lee Barns even stupidly include the picture on a page called “UAF flag burners”. But they are not UAF, they are some twats on the streets of Pakistan ages ago.

    You may have noticed this happens to your side as well. One neo-nazi does a stiff arm hitler salute on an EDL demo, and suddenly the image is recycled on all left wing blogs and sites! Even though most EDL members are not Seig hailing Nazis – for all their other faults! Left and right all use propagandist images to control you! Don’t fall for it!

    A more minor point – you say the flags are burned by “by a muslim with a headscarf on” was that a woman or a man – I cant find any pictures of women with headscarves flag burning.

    Anyway, i hope my rant provides you with another perspective. I certainly found your comment revealing.

    5) Finally – its heartening that you say most EDL “are young lads who know nothing about the cause the older more educated edl lads are fighting for”. They have not fallen for the more hardline anti-immigrant and white supremacist message of the older ‘more educated’ lads yet then. Thats good. I expect many will grow out of the EDL as well, and become responsible citizens, and reject the politics of hatred and division.

  14. wozcat

    thankyou barry i have taken the time to read all, twice so far, you make so many points its hard where to start, if my knowledge on the the points you have made, can be likened to a dirty silver goblet, id now have to liken it, to a polished silver was a refreshing read, on point 2 of your second post however, “. Wozcat then go on to implicitly blame the Muslim girl for being victimized, just by existing”?
    i must take this opportunity to appologise, for i knew not what i was doing, if i was doing anything, im still a little confused with that one.. i am not anti muslim, im more educated than that..and after reading your replies,i am now even more educated, knowledge leads to a better understanding of things…i can totally see where you are coming from.. in a nutshell barry, im assuming you are saying the answear is to join the union? as you have posted, the governments are to blame and the only groups, as i can see, opposing them, are the unions. if i have got it right.?
    do the unions put pressure on the governments, i may be wrong here but hasnt unite given labour hugh amounts of cash recently? if the unions do pressure the governments, is it for any thing other than wages.

  15. wozcat

    oh and it was a video not a picture, but your answear still hits the spot..

  16. wozcat

    im a man 😉

  17. Harry

    Hi everyone
    how can you belive everything you hear from one side , seeing a video from one side and abviously reading from one side and you all obviously belive from one side .
    people in the EDL have the right to explain what they want to explain , and have the right to freely say what they want to say , you are all being very steriotypical about EDL beig : Racist , Football hooligans and thug.
    these people are only fighting for whats right and from reading about it and seeing it .
    Like the incident on november 11th when a group of “Muslims” disided to burn our poppys , yes they have the right to protest and everybody does but that behaivier is absolutly discraisful , and if you do that in england its okay because it is a “free” right country , to me they should be arrested for treason to our country and they pose a threat to our country.
    And everytime our troops walk through the towns and citys , when there familys havent seen there loved ones for a long time , ive seen them get spat on , that is also absoluty discrasful.
    English people have been fighting for this country for centurys , and now you can spit on our troops and get away with it .
    I would like to add, i am not a member of the BNP of the Nazis , i am sopporting our troops .
    I am not therefore blaming all muslims i am blaming the responsable.
    Harry ,age 14

  18. Amelia Rayne

    I just happen to stumble on this website for aid in discovering a valid reason in the existence of the edl group and your arguements are highly entertaining! sorry i couldnt find your name but wozcat seems to call you barry so….just wanted to praise your oustanding comments and knowledge on this particular subject and hope that many others like me will stumble across this page and ‘wake up to reality’ as well as the truth. Are you from a campaign?

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