EDL show their true colours and embark on anti-union, anti-left witchunt

Remember how the EDL pretend they are not a far right quasi-fascist organisation? How they say they are focused only on ‘militant Islam’ and are not against all Muslims, or racist against all Asian people? Well, we have already proved that the EDL are racist (see post below), and their are plenty of photo’s of neo-nazis attending their rallies.

Now, however they have blown their cover, and have revealed their hatred of Britain’s trades unions and working class movements. This has been made apparent in a shocking anti-trades union ‘red-baiting’ frenzy that has appeared on the front page of their website. This shows the real agenda of the EDL and their millionaire puppeteers – to drive working class organisations out of British political life.

EDL hate trades unions

The EDL show their hatred of trades unions and the working class having a voice in politics

This is their latest public statement from their front page:

“unions have become more powerful, more influential and more militant in the political sphere, this is where vested interests infringe upon a democratic political platform, so much so that democracy seems to be ebbing away right before our eyes and its replacement………COMMUNISM!!!!
Great Britain doesn’t do Communism, it never has, yet Communists are afforded more influence and more power as the Labour party look to fund its upcoming election campaign. This is a sad reflection of the corrupt political climate we live in here in the UK.
It is no secret that the Labour party is affiliated to Unite, recently the Labour party have been exposed for taking monies from this militant Union. Since Gordon Brown became the Labour party’s leader and current prime minister he has taken a staggering 11 million pounds from Unites militant coffers, people such as Charlie Whelan and Tony Woodley are now allowed to roam the corridors of power in the houses of parliament because they have been given parliamentary passes! No guessing as to the reasons why they have such privileged access to the corridors of power! Is it any wonder that half of the Labour cabinet are bankrolled by Unite? You can see a more in-depth article from The Sun here….”

EDL website, frontpage, 29 / 3/ 10.

So its clear – the EDL are lying when they say they are for the English people! They are not for us, the English working classes – only right wing anti-trades union racists! They hate the millions of us ordinary working people who join unions. The EDL publish this disgusting right wing attack at a time when the multinational corporate BA is trying to smash the Unite union amongst its low paid workers. The agenda of this article is clear – to deprive the working class of any organised political voice inside parliament. Instead, they champion the corporate voice of the right wing tabloid ‘the sun’ owned by a billionaire, Rupert Murdoch (who of course, is not English, but who chose US citizenship). The EDL are bosses tools.

    Divide and Rule

Soon we will all have to fight the massive wave of job cuts, as Labour / Tories /Lib Dems all prepare to implement the big business and billionaires agenda. They want to make the working people pay for the crisis of capitalism. This is the final battle for Britain’s welfare state, a battle between rich and poor, between the working people and the global banking and financial elites. The EDL are a weapon that is being made to be used against the workers movement. This attack on our schools, hospitals and other public services will be to pay for the crisis caused by the greedy ultra-rich banking elite. Such moves will represent an enormous transfer of wealth away from the working people in the interests of this global elite, with our rights to decent pensions, jobs and services all axed. Future generations will suffer. And in order to do this, the capitalists will need to divide the working class.

Thats why the EDL, the bosses new tool, in collaboration with the media that the bosses also own, are whipping up their stupid phony ‘islamophobic panic’. They make the bizarre and exaggerated claim that the tiny British Muslim ethnic minority, who make up just 2.7% of our population, are about to take over Britain and impose Sharia law! The EDL’s master plan is to set worker against worker, first dividing us on religious lines. Anti-Muslim hatred is the thin end of the wedge, the easiest prejudice to whip up because of the climate of fear already generated by Blair and Browns bloody and criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. From this start, the EDL’s secret bosses hope the poison of division will spread, tearing the working class apart and leaving it defenceless in the face of the growing offensive by big businesses and global finance …

The EDL are bankrolled by millionaire buisinessman Alan Lake to do this dirty job. Lake talks of dominating the streets, and has said: “Football fans are a potential source of support. They are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.” These are the puppets he intends to use to promote the right wing agenda of big business against the trades unions and the English working people. Any working class person who supports the EDL is a fool and a class traitor.

First they came for the Muslims, but I did not speak out because I was not a Muslim.
Then they came for the Trades Unionists …



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34 responses to “EDL show their true colours and embark on anti-union, anti-left witchunt

  1. “You can see a more in-depth article from The Sun here….””


  2. tim

    The EDL is made up of the working class you idiot!

    Mwhaaaaaaaa !

  3. barrykade

    Alan Lake aint working class, is he? And he has paid for and owns EDL PLC.

    There has always been a section of the working class who scabbed on their sisters and brothers. A section who lacked class consciousness and believe the lies in the Sun and the Express. Thats the EDL.

    They cant see the knife that is being held to their throats by big business. These muppets are in a panic about Muslim women’s clothing instead.

    If the EDL – Alan Lakes puppet street army – want to take on the unions, thats fine. There are 7 million of us. Thats gonna be a big battle. Maybe while you are trying to fight us, your masked hooligans won’t be bullying Muslim girls on trains.

    You can imagine you are the salt of the earth toiling masses all you like. We all know the reality is the EDL are the bosses tools.

    Meanwhile, us trades unionists are going to fight to defend what the people of England need – our jobs, working conditions, homes, schools, hospitals and pensions.

    You EDL can go off and wet your knickers scaring each other with your stories about how a tiny ethnic minority of 2.7% are the real threat. Yeah!

  4. barrykade

    I posted this in a discussion elsewhere about this article. Might as well stick it on my own blog as well.

    Why now?

    Why this sudden eruption of anti-Muslim street protests? It didn’t happen after the atrocities of 9/11 or 7/7. Why now?

    The first factor thats changed is the recession and the crisis of the system. People have been loosing their jobs, their public services, and are being forced to accept attacks on their pay and conditions. People are angry and bitter. If they cannot take on the bosses, bankers and the rich, a minority will seek a scapegoat. We fight the rich and powerful, the EDL fight the poor and powerless because they make an easier target for nasty soft headed muppets.

    The second factor is the bloody war in Afghanistan. War always whips up jingoism and hatred. The wars for empire and western geo-strategic domination in Iraq and Afghanistan (combined with western support for the Israeli states war on the Palestinian people) have generated a new ideology for the dominant powers, of official state sanctioned Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred. In the case of the UK this gets combined with an already existing entrenched racial oppression and stigmatisation of Britain’s Asian minorities, particularly those of British Pakistani and British Bangladeshi background.

    The third factor is now coming into play. This is the coming war against the working class that capital is preparing to wage. This is the war to make the working classes pay for the massive crisis of the capitalist system. This war will redistribute wealth away from the working class and public services to restore profitability. To wage this war, the bosses need to play a game of divide and rule. The key weapons, the media and the police are not enough. They need a mass right wing populist street movement as well.

    Cue the EDL. Funded by Alan Lake, championed and apologised for by the Daily Express. This movements first task is to divide the working class, setting worker against worker through escalating anti-Muslim hatred. But when they have coalesced a street army of anti-Muslim pogromists, who are confident they can master the streets, they will try to unleash this street army against the left, against trades unionists and the picket lines, against any community protest group or campaign that gets in the way of capital and power.

    They need to ideologically prepare this volunteer, irregular street force. Thats what todays publication of the red baiting anti-union article was all about. The article end by redefining the EDL’s mission as to “protect our nation from communism and islamism”.

    Today they attack Muslims. Tomorrow you might find yourself on alonely picket line with your workmates, with the full might of the Tory tabloid press baying for strikers blood. Waiting in the wings will be the bosses EDL street army, ‘defending England’ from the English people. They should be renamed the GFDL – Global Finance Defence League.

    What we need is a Working Class Defence League.

  5. Bob

    Funny how the middle class UAF slag off the Working class English defence league by claiming THEY are the working class. The uaf have there own agenda against capitalism and the polical elite. The UAF are a national ebarassment and weather you agree with the EDL or not, take your commie shit somewhere else.

  6. charly

    yep so working class that they hate the unions and support British Airways against its low paid, striking workers.

    reminds me of turkeys who vote for christmas.

  7. barrykade

    Cheers! Nice one Charly!

    Bob – we can argue about who is ‘more working class’ all we like – but the real question is who is acting in the interests of the working class? What do you think about the attacks on wages, jobs and services? Should we unite to fight these bosses attacks? Or are you more worried about Muslim women’s clothing?

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  9. tim

    “but the real question is who is acting in the interests of the working class?”

    Not the Unions that’s for sure.

    In the end the Unions only care about the Unions. That’s why those such as CATU went from a peak of 50, 000 members in the 80’s to 15,000 in the early 90’s to becoming so weak they had to come under the ‘Unity’ Banner in 2006.

    As a member and a shop floor worker for over 20 years I had to listen to their pathetic and weak excuses to every situation that arose. Had it not been that to work In the industry you HAD to be a union member and had I know that union funds were being used to support thugs like Unite Against Fascism like they are today, Myself and 40, 000 other members would have walked out long well before 2006.

  10. barrykade

    Aye, its true, the unions have often failed to stand up and fight for the working class, instead cozying up to the bosses and new labour.

    But thats no reason to go around blaming ethnic and religious minorities for our troubles.

    And it doesn’t mean that workers don’t need to organise against the coming onslaught, as big business tries to make us pay the price for the crisis of their rotten financial system.

  11. tim

    Who is blaming ethnic and religious minorities for our troubles?

    Is it the crap that you read in the news and on Internet on propaganda blogs that lead you to this conclusion?

    “Why this sudden eruption of anti-Muslim street protests? It didn’t happen after the atrocities of 9/11 or 7/7. Why now? ”

    It’s not anti-Muslim protests as you so conveniently tag it. But to answer your question, perhaps its because some of us actually thought something would be done about things after 9/11 and 7/7 instead of more bending over backwards.

    Oh and before you ask, my father was born in Jamaica and my mother in Stoke-on-Trent

  12. barrykade

    I’ve seen and heard (with my own eyes and ears) EDL supporters using racist language – including using a well known abbreviation of the word Pakistani.

    No one can deny that EDL supporters openly hold placards on EDL demo’s saying ‘no more mosques’? Thats not a focused attack on Islamist extremists, its an attack on all people who follow that religion, isnt it?

    If you want to do something about stopping Islamist extremism, then supporting the EDL is the most ineffective and counterproductive tactic possible. The EDL are just aggravating the situation even further and making things worse. I think there are better ways to stop Islamist extremism.

  13. tim

    “I’ve seen and heard (with my own eyes and ears) EDL supporters using racist language – including using a well known abbreviation of the word Pakistani.”

    Of course you are going to hear that occasionally for now. What minority of people do you think are going to get drawn to the EDL when the left do nothing but call them Nazis?

    “No one can deny that EDL supporters openly hold placards on EDL demo’s saying ‘no more mosques’? Thats not a focused attack on Islamist extremists, its an attack on all people who follow that religion, isnt it?”

    There are plenty of unused buildings in this country, why the need to build some monstrosity destroying the British skyline? In Stoke-on-Trent (Cobridge) for the last 20 years people have been worshipping at Ghausia Mosque which is an old Royal British Legion club.

    “If you want to do something about stopping Islamist extremism, then supporting the EDL is the most ineffective and counterproductive tactic possible. The EDL are just aggravating the situation even further and making things worse. I think there are better ways to stop Islamist extremism.”

    No its not, because we are here now talking about the subject instead of running away and hiding from it or dismissing that its not an issue. Which is what you really mean.

  14. barrykade

    Are you also worried about the white supremacist terrorists who have been in court for stockpiling bomb making equipment?

  15. anonymoose

    This article is as disgustingly biased and misguided as the despicable EDL. It’s militant leftist slant, presented as fact, is the problem NOT the solution to the growing popularity of the British fascist movement. Lest we forget that trade unions brought Britain and its economy to its knees over 20 years ago. If Labour’s 12 years of power have taught me anything it is that a bigger government and larger bureaucracy make for an unhealthy and unlivable state. Do you really trust the union heads to act in the best interests of their members? As far as I can tell they are equally as self-interested and unreliable as any politician or banker.

  16. tim

    Are you also worried about the white supremacist terrorists who have been in court for stockpiling bomb making equipment?

    Of course I am. What planet are you on?

  17. barrykade

    Worried, but you are not protesting against these terrorists yet? Hopefully when you have successfully driven their supporters from your ranks you will …

  18. barrykade

    Hi Anonymoose.

    No, I don’t trust the rich union bosses to act in the interests of the workers! They cuddle up to the bosses, whose lifestyle they share, to be honest.

    You talk about the unions bringing britain and its economy to its knees 20 years ago…

    Well we have just seen the banking and financial elites bring our economy to its knees – without any help from the unions!

    And it was Margaret Thatchers policy to deindustrialise Britain, destroying manufacturing industry and making us dependent upon the global financial industry. Now we are up shit creek ….

    But you are right, state bureaucracy is not the answer – and neither is the ‘free market’ …

  19. tim

    “Worried, but you are not protesting against these terrorists yet? Hopefully when you have successfully driven their supporters from your ranks you will”

    How many do you want us to take on? Have you protested against Militant Islam? Actually what’s your stance on that issue?

    In less than a year the EDL has gone from zero to two thousand people on the streets with protests every two weeks.

    Going to Dudley this weekend? I will be the big black guy stood at the front, come and say hello.

    10k at an EDL demo this year mark my words 😉

  20. barrykade

    Hey Tim, earlier you said about the decline of CATU: “In the end the Unions only care about the Unions. That’s why those such as CATU went from a peak of 50, 000 members in the 80’s to 15,000 in the early 90’s”.

    Perhaps this decline in membership also had something to do with the destruction of the ceramics and potteries industry? The workers were thrown upon the dole, as you know. Thats why the union declined.

    The bosses have moved the work abroad, to where labour is cheaper to make more profits.

    I was inspired by the workers occupation against the closure of Waterfords in Ireland. Pity Unite did not spread this action to the Stoke plant last January, when it faced closure. 😦

  21. barrykade

    Tim, I know there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, but your IP address is registered as belonging to “Deutsche Telekom AG” in Germany. Will you be traveling far to get to the Dudley events? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick here?!

  22. tim

    Nope I’m here working and visiting friends and fly back on Thursday.

    What’s up do you think EDL members sit on the sofa all day watching TV, drinking Stella and smoking?

    A bit paranoid looking at IP addresses aren’t you?

    So. are you going to be in Dudley then?

  23. barrykade

    Some people have organised a coach going from this town… I will come if you keep on tempting me… but a little bit of physical disability makes protesting hard and painful these days, so it’ll be an effort.

    If I do, I’ll be the loud and flamboyant queen on sticks at the front….

  24. tim

    The pottery industry was always doomed. That was nothing to do with the Union tho they could have at least put up a fight.

    What I’m talking about is all the little day to day things.

    Union: “They cant do that blah blah blah”
    Worker: “Ok so it will be sorted?”
    Union: “Yes there is no way they will get away with this”

    3 weeks latter

    Union: “Yea well look, just accept it there is nothing we can do, be grateful you have a job ”

    Just add whatever indecent or topic to the above conversation you want.

  25. tim

    “If I do, I’ll be the loud and flamboyant queen on sticks at the front….”

    You should join the EDL LGBT Division http://bit.ly/dkKZQz

  26. barrykade

    Yes, I wish the unions were more powerful, and could properly defend us in the workplace. Its been downhill for us since the defeat of the miners to be honest. But I can always hope … and organise …

    But I think that the unions and workers generally will be much weaker still, if our class becomes further divided on religious – or any other sectarian – lines. My workmates are a mixed bunch – Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, black, white, gay, straight…. we all have to stick together. I fear that all this conflict between Islamophobes and Islamicists could divide the working class, and make us weaker. A ‘civil war’ or major clash between the majority (non-Muslim) and minority (Muslim) populations could be the final blow. This might rip the working class apart, and allow the rich and big business finally kill off public services and the welfare state our parents and grandparents fought for.

    I think there are extremists on both sides of the religious divide agitating for this ‘civil war’. But if this dreadful conflict ever happened, the tiny minority population of 2.7% is bound to come off worse and it would be innocent Muslim families that suffer the most. I have studies the situation in Northern Ireland and fear these kind of political and cultural forces at play.

    Ever heard the word ‘pogrom’?
    Take a look at this:

    This is what I fear the EDL protests might spark off, if they grew to 10, 000 as you predict. Anti-Muslim pogroms. People burning down Mosques. I know thats not official EDL policy, and you would hate to see this scenario too, but you must be prepared to take responsibility for the wider effects your movement might have.

    And no, of course I wont join the EDL and provide it with legitimacy from the gay rights movement! To be honest, I think plenty of EDL footsoldiers would be just as happy queerbashing me, if the tabloids were having a go at us and whipping up a homophobic instead of an Islamophobic hysteria.

    Besides, last time I was being homophobically abused by some twat in the street, some local Muslim lads actually came to my defence and punched this (white) lad who was giving me shit – incredible as that sounds! But its a funny old world, and most people are not what they seem. Most Muslim people I know are not Islamicist freaks, but have all sorts of views.

    Oh well, at least we have clarified where each other is coming from, and some of the rationales motivating people here. When you see the anti-fascist counter-protests, at least you know what some of us are thinking. Goodnight Tim, and take care. If you are standing on the frontline of the EDL, then you should also watch your back. Not everyone involved in the EDL wants you around.

    Its a funny old mixed up world we live in Tim, you and I. A black man defending white racists and a gay man defending Muslims and their rights to practice Islam. A funny old mixed up world indeed. We really should push aside all this crap on both sides, both this nationalist and this religious fundamentalist bullshit. Our side is the working class and our real enemy is capitalism.

  27. Alex

    I can’t speak for the EDL, but I have my doubts that anyone is really “against the working class” here.

    The concern from the EDL may be just that the leadership of trade unions have certain political values which hold disproportionate sway in the corridors of power. Do the unions always actually share the values of the working class?

    If democracy could be being undermined, then that is a legit concern I would say.

    By the way, if you don’t want a minority to be able to exploit a majority, economically speaking, then I would suggest that the answer is an increase in democracy. Not the pretend version that we have today. But I don’t know if leftists would be happy with that? Would you be happy to see people vote directly on the issue of bringing back the death penalty? To vote directly on immigration controls? To vote directly on whether the burka should be banned?

  28. barrykade

    1) “the leadership of trade unions have certain political values which hold disproportionate sway in the corridors of power”

    Thats ridiculous. The ideals holding sway in the governing corridors of power are those of privatisation, big business and finance capital. Labour has sold its soul to the wealthy elite long ago. If this government listened to trades unions we would not have seen attacks on public services and working conditions. Labour also maintain the Tory anti-union laws which tie the hands of the working people behind their backs and make working class solidarity a criminal offence.

    2) There are a mixture of values within the working class, some right wing, some left wing.
    I think that if working class is broken and divided, with the unions too weak to defend jobs and conditions, then yes, some people will look for scapegoats.

    Socialism is about taking on the most powerful section of society – the capitalist class. British nationalism seems to be about attacking small ethnic minorities, who are an easier target than the capitalists, to be sure. If you are a bully.

    But by confronting capital, the working class labour movement has been able, in its history, to force reforms out of the capitalists that are beneficial to the whole working class. This is the welfare state our parents and grand parents fought for. All nationalism, racism and xenophobia does is divide us and weaken us.

    Why are you so worried about the clothing habits of Muslim women? Is a headscarf more of a threat to you than mass unemployment, service and pension cuts, environmental crisis? Yeah, great sense of priorities there. Thats why British nationalism will always be a joke for the majority of British people.

  29. charly

    So let me get it straight, “Tim” is complaining that the unions don’t put up a fight often enough (true of the leaders of course, but a union is its members not its leaders), and at the same time he is supporting an organization like the EDL which has come out to OPPOSE unions being “militant” and supports BA against its workers!

    The word “troll” springs to mind.

  30. I personally am greatful for the EDL. We should speak more against those who want to use Islam and Muslims to do their seek biddings and create blood shed. It’s has nothing to do with “holy”. We should create a muslim coallition to condemn every act of muslim extrimists because not saying anything is agreeing silently!

  31. barrykade

    Yes Salim, I too would welcome ” a muslim coallition to condemn every act of muslim extrimists because not saying anything is agreeing silently!”.

    If you are trying to build such a coalition, I wish you every success. And there have been many such acts of protest by the Muslim communities of England’s towns and cities against the Jihadis.

    Where I live in Lancashire the local Muslim community, including all the local Mosques, shops and other bodies held a march several hundred strong through the town, to protest against the 7/7 tube bombings. This march was joined by groups from local churches as well.

    And in Luton, mainstream Muslims have been campaigning against the Islamist extremists. A large group of them actually protested against the Islamist extremist street stall, to drive them from the streets.

    These protests by Muslims are usually ignored by the media, who instead highlight the actions of the tiny groups of extremists, reprinting the same photos again and again. A tiny group, about a dozen, took part in the infamous protest against the Anglian soldiers homecoming march in Luton, yet their image has been re-used thousands of times. These photo’s perpetually circulate in the media and in blogland, so they somehow erroneously comes to represent all Muslim people in the eyes of large sections of the British public. I fear the media do this quite deliberately, as the capitalist media owners need to create scapegoats during the twin crisis of the economy and of the imperial wars, to divert popular anger away from the capitalists themselves.

    But I would not be, as you claim to be, ‘grateful’ for the EDL. The EDL cannot stop Islamicist extremism – they can only fuel it.

    90 % of the EDL demos consist of large groups of young male football hooligans up for a fight. Look at the disgusting chants and slogans they use chanting that ‘Allah is a peodo’ and ‘Who the f*ck is Allah’!!! (Even writing these words her risks giving offence).

    People on the maeches carry placards saying things like “no more Mosques in England”.Th EDL claim they are only against the extremists – but these are slogans aimed against all Muslims.

    Furthermore, EDL marches and rallies are opportunities for violent young men to organise in large numbers give each other confidence to attack ethnic minorities. In the recent march in Dudley lat weekend, EDL protestors attacked random Asian people, and attacked a Hindu temple. A friend of mine who is a Sikh from Dudely said that anyone with a brown skin was a target.

    How could ordinary Muslims join such marches? Thats why they don’t!

    If the EDL were about stopping Islamic extremism, then they are counterproductive. But they may have a different agenda – that is to scapegoat ethnic minorities.

    What we really need is a ‘working class defence league’, to unite people from all races and religions to one common aim – to defend public services, jobs and pensions from the Tory onslaught. We need to unite all creeds, colours and nationalities in a common struggle for a better world, a secure future for the next generation that is free of wars, environmental destruction, poverty, exploitation, ignorance and hatred.

  32. Qas

    I like the points you make and agree with you fully. I found you on Google so I know I’m a bit late with the comment but I read it with much interest and the EDL have the right thing to be worried against BUT also have –

    the wrong information
    the overflow of hooligans in the group
    the hate amongst the majority of members
    the lack of education
    and the wrong way of doing things

  33. 9xzulug


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