Photo – EDL protesters abuse elderly Sikh man in Dudley.

Continuing our theme of photo’s of English Defence League (EDL) thugs abusing and intimidating England’s ethnic minority communities that started here….

EDL abuse Sikh man in Dudley

EDL abuse Sikh man in Dudley, photo from the Birmingham Post.

This photo appeared in the Birmingham Post on May the 4th 2010, accompanying a story entitled ‘English Defence League rooftop demo in Dudley ended by police’. You can read that story here, and see the photo in its original context.
You may recall that just before the general election last week the EDL got a couple of its provocateurs onto the roof of a disused warehouse in Dudley, to stir up trouble and division around plans (that had already been abandoned) for a new mosque in the town. Groups of young white men came to Dudley to support the EDL, and locals report some rioting and intimidating behavior. This part of Dudley is mixed, with black, white and Asian people of all faiths and none including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. There were also some peaceful anti-EDL protests that united locals of all colours and faiths.
Now the EDL leaders like to argue that theirs is ‘not a racist movement’, because it only targets one religious group, rather than all ethnic and racial minorities. They even parades on EDL rallies, like a trophy, the odd isolated Hindu or Sikh religious extremist pursuing the agendas of the Indian far right, in their anti-Muslim ‘united front’. However, it has always been clear from the start that the majority of their followers on the street are young white men, many of whom are only to happy to tell you hate they ‘hate all P*kies’, and often all black and Asian minorities in general. The very first protest held by this movement in Luton ended with groups of EDL supporters attacking random asian people and their businesses. The EDL could unleash a pogrom not only against the English Muslim communities (terrible as that would be in itself), but against all of the English black and ethnic minorities in general. Given the percentage of EDL followers who are ignorant racist and drunk, most would find it hard to tell a Muslim from a Sikh anyway.



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3 responses to “Photo – EDL protesters abuse elderly Sikh man in Dudley.

  1. Pingback: Anonymous

  2. The EDL are planning a summer of action, more specifically in August when they intend to target sensitive areas such as Bradford and Tower Hamlets. I’ve written a post about it here:

    The movement is getting bigger all the time, and it is actually quite scary.

  3. Ismael

    The ignorant fool must have thought the Sikh man is a Muslim.

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