Tory/ Lib-Dem vermin attack the sick and disabled calling them ‘benefit cheats’ while letting rich tax dodgers off the hook.

George Gideon Osborne - Tory B*stard

George Gideon Osborne - Tory B*stard

So today George (Gideon) Osborne announced he will “tackle sickness benefit cheats next”. These people, on incapacity benefit are overwhelmingly the poorest in our society. The label ‘benefit cheat’ has been taken up by our rulers obedient propaganda machine, the Tory press including the Mail, Sun and Express. Also under attack will be housing benefits, dramatically increasing homelessness. The Tories and their propagandists say this is because we need to cut the budget deficit, and that incapacity benefit costs £12b a year. The Tory press will on cue produce manufactured stories of ‘benefit cheats’ living on luxury yachts or whatever, to manipulate gullible readers.

Let us consider some other figures. Every year, tax dodging costs us £25 billion. And there is a further £28 billion in uncollected tax, because civil service cuts mean that there are not enough personnel and resources to collect tax owed. This £53 billion a year in unpaid tax is just the figure the treasury admits to. According to the Public and Commercial Services union the real figure could be around £120 billion annually. If we collected the tax owed, there would be no need for any attacks on the sick and disabled, or on the jobs and pensions of public service workers, or on our local services like libraries and swimming pools, which face closure under the Con-Dem ‘austerity alliance’.

However allot of these tax dodgers come from the rich elite. The millionaire public schoolboys of the Con-Dem alliance cabinet won’t attack their own class. Instead they will attack the poorest people in Britain. And they will be cheered on by the Tory press, the lie machine – which is also owned by millionaires. And when people get bitter and angry, this Tory lie machine will whip up the scapegoating drive. This lie machine will probably have another go at Britains much maligned Muslim community, or Asylum seekers, or any other convenient minority that can be targeted in our rulers attempt to deflect working class anger away from themselves and onto a scapegoat. Look how these ‘newspapers’ used the frenzy around the world cup to push the Tory message.

The Sun's uses the England flag to push Tory propaganda over the budget

The Sun's uses the England flag to push Tory propaganda over the budget

The Sun is owned and controlled by Australian born Rupert Murdoch, who has American citizenship and no loyalty to Britain. His multinational empire, ‘News Corp’ is notorious for its tax evasion, avoiding paying the billions it owes in corporation tax to the Australian and British governments for years. Yet Murdoch’s ‘Sun’ leads the way in whipping up English nationalism. The posh Tory paper, the Telegraph is owned by the super rich billionaire Barclay Brothers, who live in tax exile on their private Island, in the Channel Islands. These parasites want to influence British politics, but pay no taxes to Britain, unlike the working class people they scorn.

Daily Express exploits world cup fever and English patriotism to promote Tory budget attacks on the working class

Daily Express exploits world cup fever and English patriotism to promote Tory budget attacks on the working class

And the Daily Express is owned by the multi-millionaire Richard Desmond who made his fortune in the international pornography business. The Express has lead the way in scapegoating Muslims and other minority groups while promoting the thugs of the ‘English Defence League’.

Cameron, Osborne and the Tory / Lib Dem ‘austerity alliance’ are waging a class war. They want to make the working class people of Britain pay for the economic crisis caused by the international banking elites, who continue to receive billions in bonuses. We need to fight back and demand the the rich elites are made to pay. There should be no talk in working class communities of ‘benefit cheats’. Instead we should target the wealthy tax dodgers. And to focus our energy on the greedy rich elites who are screwing this country means rejecting the politics pumped out by the phony patriots, the Tory tabloids and the EDL thugs on the streets. We can see through their fake nationalistic and bigoted version of ‘Englishness’ and their exploitation of football and the St George’s cross flag. We can see that the real divisions in this society are around class – not race, religion or nation. And the real history of the English people is of centuries of working class struggle to gain our rights and dignity.


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One response to “Tory/ Lib-Dem vermin attack the sick and disabled calling them ‘benefit cheats’ while letting rich tax dodgers off the hook.

  1. To put a slight spin on the situation, surely it’s about time some of these multinational corporations such as News International were recognised as states in themselves, for the simple reason that they are powerful entities with private interests akin to nation states, such as maximising material resources under their control.

    We currently have a situation whereby the media in this country is owned by corporations whose interests are often diametrically opposed to that of most British citizens. They spread a message promoting the agenda of their shareholders and their main aim is to create the most equitable environment for their enterprises to operate in.

    Would we allow a foreign government to control most of our press and promote their own interests in this way? Of course not. And not only because of the “bloody foreigners” mentality so pervasive on these shores.

    The world has changed. The old notion of the nation state being the only important actor in global politics is long over. Yet governments continue to fawn at the feet of ultra-capitalist tossers such as Murdoch without recognising the new dynamic of capital-state relations.

    About time we viewed multi-nationals for what they most closely resemble.

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