They Say Cutback – We Say Fightback! A slogan whose time has come.

Yes, its an old slogan – but as it rings through our streets once again, voicing the rage of a new generation, it has never been more relevant. Over the next few years it could become the battle cry of millions.

Great to see thousands of trades unionists and community campaigners lay siege to the Tory party conference yesterday. The footage on this well-made video shows a rich diversity of grassroots campaigners and working class movements. These included postal workers, health workers, teachers, council workers, private and public sector trades unionists, disability rights campaigners, community groups, including young and old and people of all ethnic, racial and religious groups. It was heartening to see all these united in the great common cause of our time – resistance to the public service cutbacks. Cameron and Clegg’s cut agenda aims to intensify the process of wealth redistribution from the working classes to the super-rich, making us pay for the crisis of their out of control system of finance driven capitalism.

This is just the start – protests, strikes and occupations must grow in response to the cuts that will be announced in the governments spending review on the 20th Oct.


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