Service resumed – back to blogging.

Hi all. After a long break I have resumed blogging, with three posts below that have been accumulating this year. First there is a comment on the Egyptian revolution, comparing the successful overthrow of Mubarak with the disastrous western intervention in Iraq (A tale of two Squares). Then there is a brief restatement of the history of the political philosophy of liberation from below, drawing on the history of the international workers movement (No Saviour from on High Delivers). Finally, these themes are brought together in a commentary ‘On the Libyan Tragedy’.

I have also updated a backlog of comments that had accumulated – both supportive and critical of the positions taken here – so let the debates resume!

The break from blogging since October signified something else – a return to ‘real life’ activism on my behalf. For it was in October that the anti-cuts movement took off in the UK. Since then I have been busy helping to organise local protests and meetings in my town – often hundreds strong – to defend public services. Time will tell if I can maintain both commentary and activism – and my day job – and my normal life!


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  1. well back to blogging and then nothing

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