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Loads going on since I last posted anything. Been part of some great local protest movements as communities battle against the cuts, and been helping out as best I can. Over the months there have been mass meetings, strikes, marches, peoples assemblies, occupations and sit-ins. And all the time, people want to discuss ideas about the world, and are interested in learning about history and politics of social movements. So we find ourselves discussing new questions every week – in meetings, on facebook, in the pub or where-ever. Important questions emerge – such as one about the relationship between trades unionism and other community struggles against the cuts, or how social movements should relate to green and labour parties, and whether or how councillors can become allies in our struggles.
So I have been having important political arguments – but within my community and its campaigns – rather than as abstract political theorising ‘to the world in general’ on a blog. But at the same time, just as the capitalist system is going into crisis, so are the organisations of its socialist opponents. For example, the UKs SWP is currently in a protracted crisis. I have been commenting on these questions of left strategy and organisation on other blogs and forums, but hope to bring some of these arguments and ideas on this blog – where they may take a more structured form. Again, that is if I find time, what with life and all.


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